Dashboard warning lights can be tough to decipher, especially if they come on while you are driving and you don't have immediate access to the owner's manual. Here's a quick overview to some of the most common notifications. 

The color of the warning light will demonstrate the level of urgency required upon first glance. Green lights indicate a feature is in operation. Yellow lights notify you that something needs attention soon, while red lights warn you of serious issues that require immediate attention.
Automatic Shift Lock/Engine Start Indicator
This light lets you know that you need to apply the brake in order to do something, such as shift gears or start the ignition.
Fuel Indicator
Your fuel tank is getting low and needs replenishing. This icon often accompanies an arrow that alerts drivers to what side of the vehicle the gas tank is on.
Traction Control Malfunction
If your vehicle has an anti-skid system, this light indicates there may be an issue with it, or it may be shut off entirely.
Tire Pressure
When this light is on, it means that one or more of your vehicle's tires is getting low and needs a refill.
Check Engine
There are many different reasons why a check engine light will turn on. It is best to take your vehicle to a professional so they can diagnose the problem themselves.
Engine Temperature
Your vehicle's engine is in immediate danger of overheating. Drivers should pull over as soon as possible and turn off their engine when they see this indicator light.
Oil Pressure Low
This alerts drivers to the fact that their oil may be dangerously low, or there could be an issue with the oil pressure system. It's best to play it safe and top off your oil.
Battery System
A battery light indicates an issue either with the vehicle's charging system. You may be running solely on battery power due to the vehicle's inability to charge, possibly because of the alternator or other connections.


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